>> In May 2018 Ruth worked at the Jazdów Settlement to develop the Miejsce/Place exhibition inspired by the unique neighborhood and cultural community there.

>> Matter Matter Object Wall opens May 11, 2018 and closes June 9, 2018 at the Ann Arbor Art Center. Curated by Aaron Decker the show investigates the gallery as a housing for art, replacing the typical white cube art to viewer experience with the language intrinsic in familiar craft objects.

>> Ruth's jewelry is available for purchase at Ann Arbor Art Center, in Ann Arbor, MI and Simone deSousa Gallery in Detroit, MI.



Ruth is an artist and designer inspired by the complex networks and systems of our world. She makes drawings, performative objects, and mixed media installations reflecting these systems.

Ruth also teaches, curates exhibitions, and presents lectures on art and design.

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