Ruth has created a new installation piece entitled The Space Between Us Is Not Distance. The work will be on display in a solo exhibition at the Suraci Gallery on Marywood University campus in Scranton, PA between February 1 and February 28, 2014.

She will present the work in the gallery at 3:00 PM on Wednesday, February 19.

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Ruth is an artist and designer inspired by the material world. She makes jewelry, installations, drawings, and experiences exploring our senses and relationships to others via the materials and objects that surround us.

She also teaches, curates exhibitions, and presents lectures on design, art, and jewelry.

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A limited edition new collection for Winter 2014 is in the works! The new earrings will look at form and silhouette. Stay tuned to see progress updates and to grab yours when they come out!

Some of the fall/winter 2012 and Summer 2013 collections are still available. There are some great pieces available, so take a peek.

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