a work in progress



My installation for my solo show at Marywood University is coming along.   I have been working on it since mid-December, and I have had wonderful help from a bunch of awesome people. Here's a quick shout out:

Patrick Martin for feedback, guidance, and construction help, Nora Danker for helping me see the project in new ways, Andrew Doyle for help putting it together-including putting a lid on it, Tom Gongliewski for help with initial assembly and trouble shooting, Miguel Salve for noise reduction and help assembling, the team of students who helped move it up to the gallery, my parents and brother who helped frame up, patch up, and paint all the components, Mike Muller for his expert ramping, Valerie Kiser for a truck when I needed it and tons of positive energy, and of course Sandy Povse who has been as patient and helpful a gallery director could be. 

There is still a fair amount to do before the February 1st opening (6-8pm, hope to see you there). Lights, patching, covering, and a few other details, too. But all in all this has gone well, in large part because of all the amazing help I have gotten from these people.

Stay tuned for more pictures and info. I am pretty excited to see and share this project with you.